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ABB IE5 SynRM and Drives: The Perfect Match for Energy Efficiency | ABB eMart


What difference does the efficiency of electric motors make? How much energy is consumed by electrical motors? Does the combination of Electric Motors and Variable Speed Drives increase energy efficiency? Why should you care about energy efficiency? Go ahead and find out how you can be a part of the Energy Efficiency Movement and save greatly on your expenses.

Precisely speaking, energy efficiency reduces air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, water use, utility bills plus climate change impact. In addition, energy efficiency improves health and helps stabilize electricity prices and volatility. India has around 17.9% of untapped electricity-efficiency potential. There is a need for more energy-efficient equipment to be used in the domestic market, according to a reliable study. Let’s get insights from BP Energy Outlook – 2019.

India has witnessed +156% growth in it's energy consumption Experts have estimated an 11% rise by 2040 in India’s share of global energy consumption India estimates more than a quarter of global primary energy demand growth between 2017-2040 There will be +116% growth in India's net CO2 emissions by 2040

Other studies have revealed that optimizing industrial motor-driven systems could deliver overall savings up to 60% on industrial electricity consumption. When it comes to buildings and industrial applications, more than 44% of all electricity is converted into motion by motors. And generating electricity causes a significant amount of CO2 emissions, which is one of the major causes of global warming.

Role of Electric Motors in Increased Energy Consumption

Don’t be surprised that electric motors are the single biggest consumer of electricity. They account for about two-thirds of industrial power consumption and consume about 45% of global power consumption, according to a new analysis by the International Energy Agency.

This is possible because electric motors play a very important role in our day-to-day life. Almost everything we use in our daily life comes from some sort of factory, be it clothes, food, water. Everything is manufactured or processed. And if there is a production, there is a 24x7 production line which runs continuously with the help of some kind of motors to keep it in motion and fans to cool it. Again it if is a water supply business, there are electric motors to drive pumps. You name any industry, and you’ll find electric motor is associated with it.

Not only this, but electric motors also help in powering different kinds of machines and equipment needed for modern life. Say, for example, motors are used in pumps and fans for heating, air conditioning, operating elevators, as well as transport like trains, and ships. As a consequence, approximately 300 million industrial electric motor-driven systems are now operational in the world.

If we focus on improving the efficiency of these electrical motors even by a few percent, it would enable us to save a great amount of energy. We need to make motors more energy efficient in order to cut emissions of greenhouse gases.

ABB IE5 SynRM and Drives: The Perfect Match to Make Motor More Energy Efficient

IE5 SynRM Motors:

IE5 synchronous reluctance motors (IE5 SynRM) and Drives are the perfect combinations of technologies to make electric motors more energy efficient, thereby reducing emissions and stopping global warming. SynRM motors are the best place to start. Upgrading to ABB IE5 ultra-premium SynRM motors increases energy efficiency, improves sustainability and enhances reliability. This is possible because SynRM motors offer up to 50% lower energy losses compared to IE2 motors.

What else? Due to their ultra-advanced features, IE5 SynRM motors have the capacity to promise much more consistent rotation speeds when compared with switched motors. This is possible due to the rotation of synchronous with the frequency of the supply current.

IE5 SynRM Reliability on Variable Speed Drive:

IE5 SynRM relies on Variable Speed Drive (VSD) to work. After all, the latter has the potential to run synchronous reluctance motors successfully. So, IE5 SynRM motors can be used as a package together with VSDs to ensure optimum efficiency, accurate motor control, excellent reliability and a long product lifetime.

VSD technologies use advanced solid-state power electronics and software for controlling the frequency of the motor supply current, switching it thousands of times per second. Thus, it drives synchronous reluctance motors very efficiently by precisely maintaining the right speed and power of rotation.

How Controlling Motors with Variable Speed Drives Save Energy

Let’s answer these simple questions –

  • What do you do when it comes to changing the speed of the machine?
  • Do you use old-fashioned gears like the one you have in your car?

Don’t be surprised that by using outdated gear, you use a spare motor to drive the gears too and this motor often runs at an unnecessarily high speed. All this is energy waste.

This is where Variable Speed Drives come into the picture. This innovative technology directly controls the speed of the motor. So, you do not need any old-version gear to run machines at a slower speed and meet requirements.

Business and Environmental Benefits of ABB IE5 SynRM and Drives

  • Business Impact: It's not wrong to say that when it comes to busienss, SynRM technology has the potential to save a good amount of electricity and thereby money per annum. So Motors and Drives are well matched for supporting your business irrespective of the industry you are in.
  • Enviornmental Impact: In environmental terms, the pair of IE5 SynRM motors and Variable Speed Drive can lead to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, greenhouse gas emissions, water use and utility bill and so on.

In a nutshell, the most innovative technology to increase energy efficiency is ABB IE5 SynRM and Drives. You just need to determine to use it and be a part of the Energy Efficiency Movement. Why wait? Choose the SynRM motor and pair it with VSDs to guarantee the highest process efficiency of energy.


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