How Can You Make Your Business More Energy Efficient?
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How Can You Make Your Business More Energy Efficient?


Energy efficiency must be at the forefront of every business. This helps save our planet, reduce wastage, and save money on energy bills. According to the report of the International Energy Association, approximately 3 billion people are deprived of energy, many healthcare centers cannot store vaccines due to lack of energy, people cannot run competitive businesses, and many countries cannot power their economies.

In India, the industry sector accounted for the highest share of energy consumption in fiscal year 2020, followed by the domestic sector. The industrial sector had a CAGR of 6.74% during fiscal year 2011 and 2020. Don’t be surprised that energy efficiency is the heart of sustainable development goals. Even SDG-7, established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015, aims to ensure access to reliable, affordable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

It is always good to look at ways to make your business more energy efficient. Energy efficiency offers power and allows cost savings in your business. So, identifying areas in your facility where efficiency can be improved is important.


Build an energy management team and set monthly energy efficiency goals

Setting monthly energy efficiency goals is a way to sustain energy efficiency. But make sure the goals are not too complicated to be achieved. They can be such as using modern technologies and not going beyond a certain power indicator. Besides, build an energy management team to monitor applications such as pumps, fans, and conveyor belts. These applications are among the least efficient in a facility and they often run at partial load. For instance, a pump can run constantly at full speed, using mechanical valves to control the flow rate. The motor, therefore, works harder than it needs to. The solution is to use Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) to monitor motors.


Pair Electric Motors with Variable Speed Drives (VSDs)

To go by the figures released by IEA (International Energy Agency), adopting energy efficiency measures will allow the world economy to grow 40% by 2030.

Do you know a large number of industrial motors run fans, pumps, and compressors that consume energy to a great extent? These electric motors are also used in refrigerating food, running water treatment plants, operating material handling systems, etc. They are the one area where technology can make a big difference.

By pairing industrial motors with variable speed drives (VSDs), energy consumption can be cut by a quarter, which will further lead to increasing the efficiency of the application. VSD is a key technology to monitor and control motor speed. It can reduce or increase the speed of the motor depending on the load requirements. According to industry experts, substantial energy efficiency can be achieved by pairing industrial motors with variable speed drives. A motor, which is not controlled by a drive, runs at full speed even when the loads required are minimal. So, VSDs can be a game changer when it comes to energy efficiency.

But the other aspect is that approximately 300 million industrial electric-motor driven systems in the world are inefficient. They waste too much energy. Only 23% of the world’s industrial motors are equipped with a VSD. What could be the reason? Despite VSD being a key technology towards cutting energy consumption, why is a majority of industrial motors running without VSD? Why are the industries reluctant in using VSD? There are some questions that need to be answered to make your business more energy efficient.

Above all, you can make your business more energy efficient by conducting an energy audit, optimizing air compressors, scheduling shut-downs and start-ups, and conducting an HVAC system audit to maintain air quality and comfort on a production floor.



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