ABB Cylon

ABB Cylon

ABB Building Solutions products are manufactured and developed for a wide variety of connected Building Energy Management Solutions, scalable for automation and energy control of any size commercial or industrial building. Through the implementation of open protocols, the use of common and secure internet standards, and the inclusion of emerging technologies, ABB Building Solutions products and solutions can meet your facility’s needs.

Smart Buildings Solution portfolio helps to achieve ABB’s smartainable Mission to Zero for buildings, committed to writing the future of safe, smart, and sustainable electrification for everything from industry and buildings to infrastructure and transportation. Our vision is to achieve a zero-emission reality not only for the future but also today.

Why is it safest to plan with ABB? No one can foresee the future. One thing, however, is certain: more and more is expected of building systems technology and its integration. Serving industries including commercial buildings, workplaces, hospitals, schools, campuses, stadiums, enterprises, and more. Our holistic offering creates value for our customers and provides connected experiences to increase productivity, optimize processes, and ultimately provide higher tenant satisfaction.

Everything in the building is interconnected: the lighting with the shading, this in turn with the air conditioning, and this again with the opening of the windows. The potential for saving energy and increasing safety and comfort is almost endless. Either ABB Cylon® BACnet or ABB i-bus® KNX functionally links all data in order to intelligently utilise the options.

ABB Smart building solutions provide the flexibility building owners and tenants require to control and optimize workspaces while managing energy usage and reducing costs

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