Frequently asked questions

About your Orders

Track your orders

Tracking your order is easy: Login to your account, hover the cursor over your name and select the “My Orders” section in the dropdown menu that appears to view the status of your orders. Also, you will receive the status update via mail to the registered email address provided by you.

Is it possible to add a new product to an already placed order?

It is not possible to add a new product to an already placed order. To buy new items, just make a new purchase. You can place as many orders as you like!

Is it possible to modify an already placed order?

It is not possible to modify an already placed order. 



How to track my delivery?

Tracking your delivery is easy: click here, login, check your Orders and check which stage it is at.
You will receive emails updating about each change in your order status.

How do I change scheduled delivery to conventional?

It is not possible to change the delivery type once the order is placed.

Will the product be delivered to my residence?

We use courier services to deliver to the address provided by you while placing the order.

Will ABB provide installation or assembly services on the products ordered by me?

ABB does not provide assembly or installation of products.

My delivery is late

We suggest you to track your order. 

For tracking log in to My Orders, choose the specific order and click on "View Order". There you will find detailed tracking of your purchase, from the approval of the order until the moment it goes on the delivery route. 
If the delivery time for your order has already exceeded, and you are unable to view any clarifying information in “View Order”, please send us a message using the “Messages” tab. Our team will promptly check and inform you shortly. 

Shipment misplaced

If you have received information that your shipment has been misplaced/lost in transit, please send us a message using the “Messages” tab so that our team can analyze and give you instructions on how to proceed.

Shipping Address

You can choose the registered shipping address or add a new shipping address before placing the order.

Change of address

In case shipping address needs to be changed after placing the order, the order must be cancelled.

A new order with the required shipping address can be placed again.

Cancellation charges as mentioned in the Cancellation Policy are applicable.

What days and times are deliveries made?

The estimated delivery time is informed to you on the product page in the "Calculate shipping" field, considering only one unit to be purchased.

In the cart, for each item included in the order, the term is informed again, which may change due to a greater number of units of the product (greater weight and volume in delivery). 

In any event, the deadline starts to take effect only after the approval of your order. 

The goods appear as delivered but I did not receive them.

If it appears in the "My Orders" follow-up that the delivery was made and you did not receive the product, you do not need to worry. First, check with the concierge if you live in a condominium or confirm if someone responsible has received the product. 

After confirmation, if the product is still not found, please contact our Service Center so that our team can verify what happened.

Order partially delivered

Partial order delivery can occur when your order is from more than one distributor. You can track your delivery on the website by clicking on My Orders. 

Can I request delivery in another country?

Delivery of products is currently supported within India only.

What happens if there is no one to receive my delivery?

The courier service provider will contact you on the phone number provided while placing the order. Request please coordinate with the courier service provider.

Important: Persons authorized to receive must sign the receipt. 



The freight of your purchases varies according to the location, dimensions and weights of the products.

On the product page, for each item included in the order, a freight value is informed due to a greater number of units of the product or some different item (greater weight and volume) on delivery. 

What is the freight cost for my delivery?

After selecting the desired product, indicate the delivery pin code to check the applicable freight cost.



Why do I need to register at

Our intention is to always keep your registration updated for any contact needs. In addition, your login and password guarantee the security of your information registered on the platform.

How do I register?

Click "Login/Register" at the top of this site and click “Create an Account” in the New Customers section on the page that follows.

You will have the option to register as an Individual or Company. Just choose which type of account you want to have and fill in the requested data.

At the end, click Create an Account. Your registration is complete and you are ready to make purchases. 

How do I login?

It's very simple: go to , select "Login" and enter your email and password.

Change my password

Changing the password is easy: Access our website and in the top right corner click on "Login (e-mail and password), click on the arrow next to your name and then on “Account Information”.

Select the option "Change password", enter the fields with mandatory asterisks and click "save".
You will receive an email to validate the change. 

How do I change my email?

Your email is the main channel of communication between ABB and you, so keep it up to date. If you need to change your registered email just access our website and in the upper right corner click on "Login", enter your email and password, click on the arrow next to your name and then on "Account Information". Click on the option "Change email", type the fields with asterisks, enter your password to confirm, click "save". 

I forgot my password

If you forgot your password, go to,  click on the “Login” and follow the instructions below:

Choose the option “Forgot Your Password”;

Fill in the requested validation fields and click on “Reset My Password”.

You will receive an email to validate the change. 

Why is my GST Number and other data necessary?

ABB requests the validation of all personal data to ensure the security and reliability of the data in order to prevent fraud. In addition to this verification, the data are used to fulfill contract obligations, such as issuing invoices for purchases, proof of purchase tax, among others. 

How to update my registration data?

We recommend that you always keep your registration data updated, so that the can contact you and correctly deliver your orders. 

It is very simple to update your data:
Click on “ Login ” and login with email and password, click on the arrow next to your name and then on “Account Information”. Check which information needs to be updated and click on the respective links.

How do I contact ABB India Limited?

You may contact us by any of the following methods –

- All India toll-free phone number: 1800 420 0707

- E-mail address:

- Web Form – Contact us


What is Request for Quote (RFQ)?

A request for quotation (RFQ) is a business process in which a company requests a quote from the supported seller/distributor for the purchase of specific products or services that is available for quote request

When to use the option of RFQ

Can be used when the customer has bulk requirement any one or multiple components and require additional price support over and above the price displayed

Who can submit Quotes?

The user whose company / firm (B2B) which is registered can request for quotes.

How do we submit Quote?

B2B quote is applicable to all register company users in the ABB eMart. Based on the information that you provide and then the Admin have the decision to approve or reject it. Upon selecting a product by viewing the product detail page, buyer will have an option to request for quote. On clicking the RFQ form buyer can request for quote from one or more seller for the specified quantity of that product. After adding the product to the quote, buyer can either submit that quote or add more products by going to the respective product pages and add the products from the same seller if available or from different sellers as required.

Can we request quotes with Multiple Sellers/Distributors?

Yes, you can request quotes with Multiple Sellers/Distributors.

Where Do we see submitted Quotes?

You can see submitted quotes under My Account> My Quotes.

How Do we Convert Quote to Order?

Once your quote approved by the Sellers/Distributors, you can able to place an order in online by clicking “Proceed to checkout” button from the My Quote Details page.

Can we modify Quote Requests (Change Price, Quantity)?

Yes, you can request to modify the Quote Requests (Change Price, Quantity) through seller by commenting on quote.

Can we cancel Quote Request?

Yes, you can cancel quote request at any time by commenting to the seller in the quote.

How long the Quote Request is valid?

Typically, quote is valid for 10 days, but seller can extend the quote validity so discuss the quote validity through comment option from my Quote.

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