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TEF4-OFF Frontal Electronic Timer

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TEF4 frontal electronic timers are used for realizing timing function and are available in ON-delay and OFF-delay versions. Compact solution in cabinet compared to separate timers TEF4 electronic timers are front-mounted and locked on AF contactors or NF contactor relays. A mechanical indicator allows to show the state of the contactor. Safe and cost-reduced wiring. TEF4 electronic timers are supplied by a direct plug-in parallel connection to the coil terminals A1 - A2 of the contactor or contactor relay. A varistor is integrated on the timer to offer a built-in protection against surges in the contactor coil. Available for a wide control voltage range 24...240 V AC/DC TEF4-ON or TEF4-OFF allow time-delayed functions up to 100 s in 3 distinct time ranges, independently of the control system. The time delay ranges are selected by a switch and the time delay can be adjusted by means of a rotary switch. The timing function is activated by closing or opening the device on which the timer is mounted. The OFF-delay version operates without additional control supply.

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Technical Specification
MRP (Indian Rupees) Not for Retail Sale
Compatibility AF Contactors
Max Mechanical Switching Frequency 1800 cycles per hour
Max Electrical Switching Frequency AC-15 1200 cycles per hour, DC-13 900 cycles per hour
Conventional Free-air Thermal Current (Ith) acc. to IEC 60947-5-1, q = 40 °C 5 ampere
Terminal Type Screw Terminals
Setting Range 0.1 ... 100 second [unit of time]
Rated Operational Current DC-13 (Ie) (24 V) 1 A / 24 watt
Rated Operational Current AC-15 (Ie) (220 / 240 V) 1.5 ampere, (24 / 127 V) 3 ampere
Rated Frequency (f) Auxiliary Circuit 50 / 60 hertz
Number of Aux Contacts NO 1
Rated Short-time Withstand Current (Icw) for 0.1 s 8 ampere, for 1 s 8 ampere
Package Width 82 millimetre
Package Length 56 millimetre
Package Height 51 millimetre
Invoice Description TEF4-OFF Frontal Electronic Timer
Product Range AF Contactors
Package Gross Weight 0.065 kilogram
Extended Product Type TEF4-OFF
Number of Aux Contacts NC 1
Ambient Air Temperature Close to Contactor for Storage -40 ... +80 degree Celsius, Near Contactor for Operation in Free Air -25 ... +70 degree Celsius
Rated Insulation Voltage (Ui) acc. to UL/CSA 300 volt, acc. to IEC 60947-5-1 and VDE 0110 (Gr. C) 400 volt
Product Class Block Contactors Accessories
Total GST Percentage 18.00
HSN Number 85389091
Country of origin China (CN) - Imported by ABB India Limited
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Vashi Integrated Solutions Limited
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    Vashi Integrated Solutions Limited
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